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Livia Duguay


A coaching practice. Word of mouth growth. Scaling beyond.
A professional online presence is born.

Livia Duguay is a Proctor & Gallagher Institute certified Consultant & Coach.

She helps entrepreneurs break through their glass ceilings through Bob Proctor’s teachings, ever since she completed her training and earned her certification in 2018.

Livia quickly found herself in a lucrative as well as rewarding position: aiding a few interested entrepreneurs right away who gave her a chance as a new coach. Pleased with her services, she’s been running a successful coaching practice solely off of word of mouth, with a couple dozen clients at any given time ever since.

However, as a mother of 3, she knew, that having all her eggs in one basket is not the way forward.
And as a coach: she wanted to lead by example in taking her own business to the next level.

“The cobbler’s children have no shoes” no more!


The challenge was twofold: to build a professional brand image, similar to the top performers in her niche. Then to build the funnel she can use to grow her reach and clientele.


SpreadFunnel Marketing helped Livia Duguay’s online presence reflect consistently her current work & offering as well as with starting to diversify lead sources for her clientele.


Strategy & Ideation
Web Development – WordPress
Design:Graphic, Web & Motion
Marketing & Advertising

Result Highlights
  • New Website
  • End-to-end funnel
  • Bespoke graphics assets & edited videos
  • Ad campaigns

Developing the Strategy

The first step was, as always: a situation analysis & to familiarize myself with my client’s business, products & services along with her goals.

A strategy meetings took place where we built the plans of the project. The website, funnel, on-site- & ad-copy were all informed by the initial plan based on the assessed goals and situation.

Weekly meetings assured that we were on track along the way.

Livia Plan

the Audience

Upon working with Livia to distill and clarify what her work, message & offering were & planning out the project, the next most crucial step was understanding her audience.

We focused on two avatars:

  1. Her current clientele
  2. Her dream clientele

We dug for and analyzed a reasonably exhaustive number of available data points to build the current clientele avatar and craft the message that spoke to them. Then we tweaked that for the second, dream avatar.

A range of test ads were prepared and iterated on to drive relevant traffic to the new website funnel and help with further funnel optimization.



We set up early A/B testing ads with different creatives and messaging on a very conservative budget, just enough to get somewhat statistically significant results and insight into what resonates well with the audience.

Once we found a winning creative that performed at $0.56 Cost per Landing Page View (at a $0.47 CPC) we doubled down on it and again it clearly reproduced the same success the second time around.

For reference, the average Cost Per Click across Facebook, across industries is of $1.72 according to a top ranking article from 2020 on the subject, so our winning campaign’s efficiency outperformed the average by a factor of 3.

This sounds about right as our other two ads came out at $2.86 and $2.00 respectively, making their average even higher, and only along with our winning ad did we get our average performance in our test campaign to $1.13.

livia ad roi

Website & Course

We built the website in congruence with Livia’s work, offering and value proposition.

We planned, prepared and executed on the technical implementation to bring a free offering in the form of her “3 Day Challenge“.

Each Day of the challenge consists of edited video coaching sessions along with prepared downloadable assistive material.


Funnels & Advertising

Funnels, functional customer journeys and people’s responses to advertising vary. They depend on the industry, depends on the offering, the market, the climate of the offered product or service category to name a few factors.

There are indeed a myriad of indicators to navigate, that we brought our experience to when assessing the purpose, structure, content and execution of the funnel for Livia.


livia funnel map-v2


Livia Duguay has now a website that conveys her current offering, and a funnel to reach people who are interested in working with her.

Admittedly: at the time of this case study we’re still collaborating to optimize the funnel & sales processes further and raise the conversion rate.

However, we’ve already seen some great numbers at the ad stage as well as very positive feedback from her current clients and social circle about how much more professionally she’s presenting herself through the new website.

  • I’m a high performance coach from Montreal Canada & I’ve been working with Roland for a little over a year now. I really enjoy working with him: he is very accessible and really detail oriented – very easy to work with all-round.

    What I needed when we first started to work together was someone to take care of all the technical aspects ( as I’m not really tech-savvy ) and scale my practice into building an online presence, relying less on word of mouth business. He created my website, tweaked my videos, built my funnel and we had an amazing time in the process.

    We’re working on scaling my processes too: we’ve just set up auto-billing for my clients’ installments – making my life easier, not having to chase payments.

    He always knows what he’s talking about and he explains everything in a way that’s easy to understand & clear.

    So Roland is the guy to go to if you really need somebody to create a funnel for you, to tweak your video, create a website, a landing page – I would recommend him, any time.
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