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by Dariia Day


Silkwear by Paris Makeup Artist: Dariia Day

Dariia Day stumbled on the benefits of high quality mulberry silk pillowcases for the skin through her work as a makeup artist.

Soon after, she started her own business and line of silkwear called “by Dariia Day”.

Celebrities, models, influencers, realtors – any professional and industry where presentation is important benefits from the multiplier effect the high-grade silk pillow has on skincare.

But now what? After the word-of-mouth sphere of influence in Dariia’s professional life has been served, what’s the next step in finding the rest of byDariiaDay’s customers?…

…WHO are they? HOW will byDariiaDay reach them?


The challenge was to analyze the relatively small sample size of customer data, build the persona avatar/s (segmentation) & pioneer the first real advertising tests and iterations for byDariiaDay in the market. 


SpreadFunnel Marketing helped byDariiaDay make their first steps in the market. We started reaching shoppers, gathering data and optimizing for sales to the right audiences.


Strategy & Ideation
Avatar Persona identification
Design: Ad creatives
Marketing & Advertising

Result Highlights
  • Avatar Persona Success
  • Facebook advertising campaign performance
  • Website testing & report documentations
  • Effective Optimization documentations for dev.

Avatar Persona

After doing a situation analysis & familiarizing myself with Daria’s business, products & customers, along with her goals, the first step was to figure out her Buyer Persona Avatar.

We analyzed the historical data she had and any other data points she could provide –  anecdotally for example – in a brainstorming session.

Then we went in and chipped away to get the clearest and most encompassing identity markers we could use to build her message and targeting around.

Mockups Design

Advertising campaigns

Upon solidifying who we’re targeting and what our initial iterations were for the message and targeting, we set up the facebook adverts and kept on eye on performance to iterate and optimize.

We experimented with both video and static visual creatives and varied the copy to see which identified segments react the best to the product and value proposition.

Mockups Design

Flow Optimization

A traffic flow analysis showed us that we’re either not getting the right traffic, or the website itself has a pretty leaky flow and low Conversion rate from any traffic it gets.

The latter seemed more plausible as checking the flow of historical organic traffic has the same, below-industry-standard drop-off rate.

Testing and documentations aided in communicating with the website’s developer to improve on the website itself so as to lessen its bottleneck on the overall conversions, be it from ads or any other traffic source.

Mockups Design

Digital Presence

Through our efforts in improving the website as well as looking at copy and client persona from a marketing perspective, we managed to put together posts and assets that connected with the market and set a precedent for future posts & presentation of the brand.

Mockups Design


byDariiaDay, a bootstrapped Luxury items brand, managed to take the first steps into the world of advertising and ecommerce.

Truthfully: the sales results weren’t spectacular (just yet), however, there was certainly a lot of analytical data gathered to inform further improved iterations on both message and targeting.

And perhaps even more importantly, having realized the website’s bottlenecks and documenting it, we helped improve the flow and conversion rate regardless of traffic source indefinitely.

     *Dariia re-approached a year later, and we did another christmas promo advertising campaign.

A return customer! Read below what she valued in the way we worked with her:

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    Video would be ideal + I can transcribe it for where I’d use text only.

    Thank you in advance Dariia!

    Dariia Day
    Makeup Artist & CEO of byDariiaDay

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